"Free Music Download Pro"


As you already know for unexplained reasons Apple has banned my account. I really sorry about that because I was not able to do anything in this situation. You can still use our application however it won't be updated anymore. I've sold the app to another developer, and now the app is back to the Appstore with many other improvements.

If you want to get new updates I advise you to repurchase the new app.

While I was gone, some developers use my icons, screenshots, the contents of the web site without my permission. I requested to Apple to stop them. Please do not confuse the original with them.

New Features

Free Music Download Pro supports you download hundreds of thousands free and legal songs and audiobooks to your iPhone/iPod directly and listen them on your iPhone/iPod



Free and Legal Music & Audio Sites

There are a number of websites that allow free and legal downloads of songs, and all of the following sites offer music that is free and legal to download. However, make sure the free music you download from other sites, which is not stated here, is not copyright-infringing material. Read more